Clothes Helping Kids Events

In this post I went through the events that Clothes Helping Kids have currently and what kind of events they could have in the future.



Facebook for Clothes Helping Kids

Clothes Helping Kids could benefit tremendously by having some form of social media such as Facebook. This would allow them to update people more frequently and in an easier way on what is going on with the non-profit. Since their website isn’t updated very often this would be an easier free outlet to get information out to the public. They could post events to get estimations on the attendance with the event tools that Facebook Provides. They can also show some love to their grant recipients by displaying their appreciation for them on their Facebook news feed by letting those who donate exactly what their donation is going towards. With the milestone tool they can allow those who follow them know exactly how close they are to meeting their goals and also other great outcomes their business have overcome as well.

As I do not work for the non-profit I didn’t want to make a Facebook page in their name without having the appropriate information to update it with. So instead I took the Facebook layout from a page I personally like on Facebook and photo shopped it with the layout I would personally do if I were to design their Facebook.


If you click on the picture it makes it a little bigger and easier to see. I used the logo I designed for them as their Facebook profile picture, and a picture of children doing art work which could be one that they could take at one of the non-profit community programs they give grants to as a cover photo. I also displayed their information so that it would be easier for people to know their hours of operation, address, and phone number.

Let me know what you think of the design.


Clothes Helping Kids: Savers Walkthrough

I have talked about Savers in many posts but I haven’t really showed you what they have in their store. While many of you might have been there before others may not know what you can get in the store. In this post I walk through the store and show you a little bit of what they have to offer and what it looks like in the actual building.


World Wildlife Fund!

In my blog I mostly talk about how we can help our fellow humans with the problems they face, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals. Animals are such beautiful creatures and it saddens me that so many species are going extinct because of what our way of life does to them. Elephants being killed for their ivory and polar bears not having a cold enough atmosphere to live in due to global warming, it breaks my heart. While we can’t turn back the hand of time and undo what has been done we can go forward and change the outcome of the future. This week I want to tell you about the World Wildlife Fund and what they do to help the extinction of such beautiful species. The WWF uses donations to protect wild animal habitats from over hunting to deforestation. They help to try to increase the number of extinct animals by encouraging breeding environments and giving the animals the safety they need to produce large families. WWF also work to try to raise awareness to congress that certain funding is crucial to these animals’ lives. You can sign petitions on the WWF website to send to congress so that they can see what an impact cutting such funding would do to the environment and the species that inhabit them.

What you can do:

1. I encourage you to go to the WWF website and educate yourself on some of the problems these animals are facing. I thought I knew a lot until I went to the website and looked through the stories of animals.
2. Sign the petition. It cost you nothing to do so, and it could mean life for an animal.
3. If you want to do more you can donate money to the cause or buy items that the proceeds go to the animals.
4. Make a symbolic adoption of an animal and receive information on how that animal is doing and how you changed their life.
5. Lastly, I encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family so that they can be more educated on the problem and learn how they can help as well.

Have a great day,