Clothes Helping Kids Grant Recipient: Children’s Crisis Center

With so many great non-profit communities getting grant money from Clothes Helping Kids there should be some way that they can show what the grant recipients do for the community and show them gratitude for their great work. The Clothes Helping Kids website shares the names of the grant recipients on their website but I think that it would be much more meaningful to give them the light that they deserve by sharing a little story about each non-profit or tell of what their non-profit does. This would allow those who donate to see exactly what their donation is going to and show them just how they are helping the community. This type of story telling would not only be good for the website but also for social media as well.

This week I decided I would try this method with a grant recipient from last year: Children’s Grief Center of NM. Since they were closed most of the week for the holiday I couldn’t really get pictures of the inside so I took some pictures of the grounds of the center and did a little research so that I could tell you a little more about their work.

The Children’s Grief Center of NM have received Non-Profit of the year this year. That is a huge accomplishment and it there should be a larger awareness of what they do for the community. They have a Website/Blog that you can visit for more information of their services →

The Children’s Grief Center of NM has helped families deal with the grieving process for many years. They have support groups for children, teens and adults to talk about their feelings and get through the grieving process with people who have been through some of the same things supporting them. The grants that Clothes Helping Kids Provides Children’s Grief Center allows them to better help families through the grieving process and give them the supplies they need to have a better life.

The Grief Center is located at 3001 Trellis NW Albuquerque, NM 87107:

20131129_105857It is located next to the nature center so it has a calm peaceful atmosphere with the Rio Grande River close by

20131129_105911They have a Facebook which gives information on events they are having as well as information on their annual Camp Corazon.


The building was built in the name of James R. Hogan


The building also has a drop off location for clothes and other donations for the children and families going through a time of grieving.


While Clothes Helping Kids does a lot to help the Children’s Grief Center it is nice to let them know how much we appreciate all they do.



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