Roadrunner Food Bank!

With thanksgiving right around the corner you can just taste the yummy food that you are about to devour while giving thank to the friends and family surrounding you at the dinner table. For most of us having a thanksgiving meal is a no-brainier. Well many people in New Mexico and all around the world don’t know where their next meal is coming from or if there is one on the way at all. Roadrunner food bank has been collecting food for the hungry since 1980. They collect canned food items year round and around the holidays they have special donation areas to encourage people to be in the giving spirit of the holidays and donate as much as they can. They have many events throughout the year to collect food and raise money for the hungry in New Mexico. If you are in the giving spirit this thanksgiving you can donate your canned food items at their temporary drop of location at the Albertsons on Montgomery and San Mateo. You will see the large mayflower moving trucks, which is where you can drop off your items.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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