Sorry for the delay on this topic, I should have done it last week. In recent weeks, as many of you probably already know, the Philippines were hit with a super typhoon that destroyed homes and killed many leaving many still missing. No one should have to go through such tragedy and have these natural terrors rip through their lives. When these types of thing happen we feel for those who it has happened to and always want to do something to make it better again. We feel torn because we want to be there and help dig through the rubble just to ease the pain that some of the people of the Philippines are dealing with and give them answers but for some of us that is not a possibility. The people that are left in the wake of this typhoon are in need of food, water and shelter. While you may not be able to take them these supplies yourself you can always send a monetary donation to make these supplies available. While many non-profits are doing some kind of help fund one that I found that seems to do the most is one by the MercyCorps. If you follow this link →
you can donate money and give someone what they need the most in one of the hardest times in their lives.


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