Analysis of Clothes Helping Kids Logo

While looking through the website and other materials related to Clothes Helping Kids I found it hard to find their logo. The logo of a corporation is a very important identifying factor and lets people make a mental connection with an image or symbol to what your company has to offer. Being a non-profit charity it is very important to have a logo that visually explains the help that you do with the community. Logos should be placed on many different collateral items such as the drop-off boxes and event signage. In my post later this week I am going to drive around a look at how the drop off locations look and how they can be improved. These locations should have the logo on them so that people dropping their items off their can know what their donation is going to. That being said the logo that I found for Clothes Helping Kids Inc. does not really show what they do to help the community.

Here is their current logo:

CHK_LogoThis logo doesn’t really symbolize their mission in my opinion and most importantly it is not placed on anything that I found on Google to identify with their organization. It is not on their website, which it definitely should be, or on any articles relating to their organization. I decided I would make them a new logo that symbolizes their mission and has a better look and feel for their corporate identity.

Here is the logo that I created:

Clothes Helping Kids IncThe font looks less harsh without serifs on the typeface and has a more calm and helpful feel. The picture placed in the center shows the helping hands of the organizations that Clothes Helping Kids provides with grants to give love and help to the kids in need in Albuquerque. They could also be seen as child hands receiving love and help for the donations given by the public.

Let me know what you think.



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