Social Media Strategy

The Organization: Clothes Helping Kids Inc.

About the Organization: Clothes Helping Kids Inc. started in 2000 and has been very active in making child care programs supplied with enough money to help them through the year. They run mostly by calls to resident homes asking for donations of clothes as well as furniture and household items. They have specific days throughout the year to go to neighborhoods and pick up these requested items. You can also make an appointment to have items you want picked up throughout the year or drop your items off at their many location collections boxes. After clothes are collected they are taken to Savers, separated and sold. All proceeds from the items collected are given to Clothes Helping Kids Inc. and then awarded in grants. These grant participants have programs that feature educational, cultural, and health related activities for kids.

Goal: To raise awareness of the grants that Clothes Helping Kids Inc. provide and how to participate through volunteering or donating your clothing items.

Measurable goal: Getting likes on social media in order to have a better reach to a broad audience that may want to participate. Also to have a 5% increase in clothes and other items donated to show that more people are aware of the corporation.

Strategy: Create and editorial calendar to spread out what would be written about the company throughout the year through Facebook and Blog Post as well as updating their Website.

Tactic #1- Have a Blog to start featuring each organizations that has benefited from the grants given by Clothes Helping Kids Inc. Also having blog posts dealing with the events that they sponsor throughout the year.

Tactic #2- To engage more people in what this company has to offer by getting them on social media especially Facebook. By having a Facebook they can more easily answer questions dealing with how to participate and also share the information about their company. Social media would also be a great place to promote events and promote the applications for grants so that more great children programs can receive help.


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