When November comes around most people think of Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping but that’s not what it means for you guys out there. November is now Movember, no shaving in November to make an impact on funding problems that face men every day. The problems I am talking about are prostate and testicular cancer, and physical and mental well being. Most people know about breast cancer awareness movements, well Movember is a way for men to raise awareness about some of the cancers they face and team up to raise money for the cause. There are many ways to participate for guys and gals. Guys of course, grow out that stache and go to to sign up to participate and donate to the cause. There are also items that you can buy with beautiful mustaches if you can grow one yourself. These items are pants, shirts, and so much more mustache madness. Gals you can register as a Mo Sista and help with spreading the word about Movember and get your guy friends to show some facial hair. There are also shirts and shoes just for girls that you can buy as well or of course just a simple donation. Be sure to go to the website to see how you can participate in Movember this year at →

Now here is a short video on The History of Mustaches:

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