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Clothes Helping Kids Grant Recipient: Children’s Crisis Center

With so many great non-profit communities getting grant money from Clothes Helping Kids there should be some way that they can show what the grant recipients do for the community and show them gratitude for their great work. The Clothes Helping Kids website shares the names of the grant recipients on their website but I think that it would be much more meaningful to give them the light that they deserve by sharing a little story about each non-profit or tell of what their non-profit does. This would allow those who donate to see exactly what their donation is going to and show them just how they are helping the community. This type of story telling would not only be good for the website but also for social media as well.

This week I decided I would try this method with a grant recipient from last year: Children’s Grief Center of NM. Since they were closed most of the week for the holiday I couldn’t really get pictures of the inside so I took some pictures of the grounds of the center and did a little research so that I could tell you a little more about their work.

The Children’s Grief Center of NM have received Non-Profit of the year this year. That is a huge accomplishment and it there should be a larger awareness of what they do for the community. They have a Website/Blog that you can visit for more information of their services →

The Children’s Grief Center of NM has helped families deal with the grieving process for many years. They have support groups for children, teens and adults to talk about their feelings and get through the grieving process with people who have been through some of the same things supporting them. The grants that Clothes Helping Kids Provides Children’s Grief Center allows them to better help families through the grieving process and give them the supplies they need to have a better life.

The Grief Center is located at 3001 Trellis NW Albuquerque, NM 87107:

20131129_105857It is located next to the nature center so it has a calm peaceful atmosphere with the Rio Grande River close by

20131129_105911They have a Facebook which gives information on events they are having as well as information on their annual Camp Corazon.


The building was built in the name of James R. Hogan


The building also has a drop off location for clothes and other donations for the children and families going through a time of grieving.


While Clothes Helping Kids does a lot to help the Children’s Grief Center it is nice to let them know how much we appreciate all they do.


Roadrunner Food Bank!

With thanksgiving right around the corner you can just taste the yummy food that you are about to devour while giving thank to the friends and family surrounding you at the dinner table. For most of us having a thanksgiving meal is a no-brainier. Well many people in New Mexico and all around the world don’t know where their next meal is coming from or if there is one on the way at all. Roadrunner food bank has been collecting food for the hungry since 1980. They collect canned food items year round and around the holidays they have special donation areas to encourage people to be in the giving spirit of the holidays and donate as much as they can. They have many events throughout the year to collect food and raise money for the hungry in New Mexico. If you are in the giving spirit this thanksgiving you can donate your canned food items at their temporary drop of location at the Albertsons on Montgomery and San Mateo. You will see the large mayflower moving trucks, which is where you can drop off your items.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Clothes Helping Kids Drop-Off Locations

There are so many great companies around town that give up space in their lot so that Clothes for Kids can place one of their many drop-off boxes. These boxes are spread around town and all over the cities in New Mexico to provide convenience for those so willing to donate their clothes and other items to help children and families in need. There are 18 locations spread across town so that you could find one just about anywhere you live. Right now you can find the locations of these boxes on their website, but I think it would beneficial to have an app that would have a easy locate option to find a drop off location closest to you based off GPS. I went around town and these were the boxes and drop off locations I found.

20131120_151135(1)This box is located at the Circle K gas station on San Mateo and Montgomery.

20131121_151614This one is located at the Kicks gas station on Lomas and Washington.

20131121_152023This box is located at the Ram gas station on San Mateo close to Constitution.


Lastly, all Savers locations are drop off locations for those bigger house hold items or clothes as well. This Savers is located on Menaul and Carlisle.

While I think that these locations are terrific for gathering items I think that they should have a logo on them to reinforce the brand identity. With the logo being a signifier of the corporation those who donate would know exactly what they are donating their items to and would feel better knowing that their donation is going to a great cause.


Analysis of Clothes Helping Kids Logo

While looking through the website and other materials related to Clothes Helping Kids I found it hard to find their logo. The logo of a corporation is a very important identifying factor and lets people make a mental connection with an image or symbol to what your company has to offer. Being a non-profit charity it is very important to have a logo that visually explains the help that you do with the community. Logos should be placed on many different collateral items such as the drop-off boxes and event signage. In my post later this week I am going to drive around a look at how the drop off locations look and how they can be improved. These locations should have the logo on them so that people dropping their items off their can know what their donation is going to. That being said the logo that I found for Clothes Helping Kids Inc. does not really show what they do to help the community.

Here is their current logo:

CHK_LogoThis logo doesn’t really symbolize their mission in my opinion and most importantly it is not placed on anything that I found on Google to identify with their organization. It is not on their website, which it definitely should be, or on any articles relating to their organization. I decided I would make them a new logo that symbolizes their mission and has a better look and feel for their corporate identity.

Here is the logo that I created:

Clothes Helping Kids IncThe font looks less harsh without serifs on the typeface and has a more calm and helpful feel. The picture placed in the center shows the helping hands of the organizations that Clothes Helping Kids provides with grants to give love and help to the kids in need in Albuquerque. They could also be seen as child hands receiving love and help for the donations given by the public.

Let me know what you think.



Sorry for the delay on this topic, I should have done it last week. In recent weeks, as many of you probably already know, the Philippines were hit with a super typhoon that destroyed homes and killed many leaving many still missing. No one should have to go through such tragedy and have these natural terrors rip through their lives. When these types of thing happen we feel for those who it has happened to and always want to do something to make it better again. We feel torn because we want to be there and help dig through the rubble just to ease the pain that some of the people of the Philippines are dealing with and give them answers but for some of us that is not a possibility. The people that are left in the wake of this typhoon are in need of food, water and shelter. While you may not be able to take them these supplies yourself you can always send a monetary donation to make these supplies available. While many non-profits are doing some kind of help fund one that I found that seems to do the most is one by the MercyCorps. If you follow this link →
you can donate money and give someone what they need the most in one of the hardest times in their lives.

Social Media Strategy

The Organization: Clothes Helping Kids Inc.

About the Organization: Clothes Helping Kids Inc. started in 2000 and has been very active in making child care programs supplied with enough money to help them through the year. They run mostly by calls to resident homes asking for donations of clothes as well as furniture and household items. They have specific days throughout the year to go to neighborhoods and pick up these requested items. You can also make an appointment to have items you want picked up throughout the year or drop your items off at their many location collections boxes. After clothes are collected they are taken to Savers, separated and sold. All proceeds from the items collected are given to Clothes Helping Kids Inc. and then awarded in grants. These grant participants have programs that feature educational, cultural, and health related activities for kids.

Goal: To raise awareness of the grants that Clothes Helping Kids Inc. provide and how to participate through volunteering or donating your clothing items.

Measurable goal: Getting likes on social media in order to have a better reach to a broad audience that may want to participate. Also to have a 5% increase in clothes and other items donated to show that more people are aware of the corporation.

Strategy: Create and editorial calendar to spread out what would be written about the company throughout the year through Facebook and Blog Post as well as updating their Website.

Tactic #1- Have a Blog to start featuring each organizations that has benefited from the grants given by Clothes Helping Kids Inc. Also having blog posts dealing with the events that they sponsor throughout the year.

Tactic #2- To engage more people in what this company has to offer by getting them on social media especially Facebook. By having a Facebook they can more easily answer questions dealing with how to participate and also share the information about their company. Social media would also be a great place to promote events and promote the applications for grants so that more great children programs can receive help.

Tea, Fashion, and Pennies for the Homeless

This past weekend I attended the Pennies of the Homeless High Tea and Fashion Show at Hotel Albuquerque and it was fabulous. This was my second year attending and it did not disappoint. Pennies for the Homeless is a charity that raises money to support 20 of the local charities in New Mexico that help the homeless with food, shelter, and moral support. This year they raised approximately $80,000 to give to these fine charities to help support them in their effort in these cold holiday months when homeless need shelter the most.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 5.05.38 AM

Pennies for the homeless was founded by Joseph Saavedra and Diane Dal Santo 20 years ago and have had The Pennies for the Homeless High Tea and Fashion show for 16 years. The High Tea and fashion show are something you can’t miss if you love fashion as much as I do. Each year, along with your tea and decadent deserts and appetizers, an up and coming designer is brought to Albuquerque and their latest collection is unveiled on the runway. They show everything from beautiful dresses, everyday wearable, you name it. Local models stomp the line showcasing the beautiful pieces and at the end you can buy the dresses that you see on the runway in their end of the show trunk sale.


This year the designer was Natalia Acosta and her dresses where absolutely beautiful! She is an up and coming Latina designer and her over the top extravagantly designed pieces where something to see. The event is every year on November 10th so mark your calendar and consider going next year. The money goes to a wonderful cause and I guarantee you will have a wonderful time.