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This week I want to tell you about my most favorite giving organization, TOMS! Most of you probably know about TOMS from their making the Buy One Give One marketing strategy so popular. TOMS sells the most comfy, lightweight shoes and in return another pair of shoes is given to a child that doesn’t have shoes. People don’t really think that having shoes is a necessity, but it most certainly is! By walking around without shoes you expose the skin on your feet to illness and disease that can enter the body with the smallest scratch. Blake Mycoskie started TOMS in 2006 after taking a trip to Argentina and seeing all the help that needed to be done. He realized that so many people were living without shoes and decided that he would take on the challenge to supply the world with shoes. I personally own about 10 pairs of TOMS shoes myself and I absolutely love them and the way they support other people.


TOMS has recently expanded to having sunglasses as part of their buy one give one market. If you purchase one of there many options of sunglasses they will give a person in need prescription glasses. I haven’t purchased the sunglasses yet but I plan on doing so next summer. I encourage you to check out their website → They have men, women, and children’s shoes with many styles and colors to choose from.



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