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I am a very busy person with school and work but I still enjoy browsing through interesting things on the Internet. While I don’t have much time the stories that have the smallest amount of text are the ones that I go for the most. Like Amy said in the slide share this week I am a person that LOVEs lists. Even though they sometimes may have more words than I would normally read, when it is in a list format it doesn’t seem as much for some reason. I really like to go browse on Reddit, which is in a list format but I mostly only look at the posts that have pictures, videos, animated GIFFs, or info graphics. When I am on Pinterest I like to look at DIY projects. Sometimes when you click the picture to see how to do whatever the picture shows it takes you to a blog. I sometimes browse through the person’s blog posts but other than that I don’t really like reading blogs. I find that most blogs have too many words or content that isn’t consistent to their main topic. I find that I get the most information out of videos because of their storytelling techniques and how I can take the information in quickly. I think that Info graphics are amazing and they really tell a story with the data they represent better than a bar or pie chart. I would say that I don’t like blogs the most because of their inconsistency. I think that if people have a blog that they should have an overall topic and stick to it. Too many people have blogs that start out in a consistent manner and then drift away from it. If people were to make a different blog or alert the reader that the topics would be changing then I would be more interested in reading them.



One thought on “Content that interests me!

  1. Stories are my favorite type of content. I think it’s so much easier to remember a story than to try to understand hard facts and complex graphics. I think infographics are helpful as they illustrate text in a linear fashion, much like the picture books of the good ol’ days.

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