Give Light to Sub-Sahara Africa!

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What is your typical morning like? Do you get up turn on the light to your bathroom brush your teeth, then maybe step into your kitchen and open up your refrigerator pull out some eggs and cook them on your stove? Most of those things I described can only be completed with electricity. Now imagine that you wake up without these luxuries. It is hard to imagine isn’t it? Waking up without electricity is what 7 out of 10 people live with every day in Sub-Sahara Africa. Babies are born in dark hospitals without warm incubators. Children have to find a light on the street to finish their homework under. No one should have to live without the necessity of lighting and electricity and this is how you can help.

The non-profit organization is leading the way to supply 50 million people with access to electricity by having people sign this petition to send to congress. They are working to transform people’s lives and work to end extreme poverty by 2030. Here is the link to sign the petition and change people lives in Sub-Sahara Africa→

Right now they have reached 80% of their goal with 100,549 signatures, so help them reach their ultimate goal and be part of the movement to end extreme poverty!

Most of the time on my blog I talk about things you can purchase to make a difference but this week I am showing you how to use your voice to make that same difference. In the U.S we have the right to freedom of speech where in some countries people do not have that luxury, so lend your voice to those who don’t have that freedom and sign the petition. You can even go a step further and spread the word to have your friends sign it as well.

Have a great week!



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