Social Media Management: Tres Boutique


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Monitoring what works for a business through social media is important to selecting which platforms you decide to engage your time with. While looking back to my post on the local business Tres Boutique I am going to look in to what social media they use and if it is beneficial for them. First I will look at the topics that are important for the business. Since they are clothing and accessories business topics such as current trends in fashion, local events surrounding their store, and item promotion are of the top topics that should be expressed through their social media.

As of now they are on using Instagram and Facebook. While looking at their Facebook they have over 1,000 likes so the option to look at their insights is available. This is a very useful tool for businesses, once they acquire 30 likes they are able to track what age range is interested in their store and or products/offers. This tool also provides information about when your Facebook is most active among your users and other useful data information as well. Through their insights I found out that the mean age range of people that associate with their page is 25-35 years old. According an article in Business insider, Facebook has active users that are of the younger group of under age 45. It also talks about how Instagram is being used predominately by women. Since Tres boutique fits both these parameters I think that they are using the social media outlets that would benefit them most for the age group they are trying to target.
For Tres Boutique I think the “power users” that benefit the company most are the fans of the store. While they aren’t as powerful as say Gary Vaynerchuck who we talked about earlier in the semester, they do have a following enough to make a difference for the small local business. With posts on their social media of items they purchased in the store to blog post of were to buy the hottest trending clothes locally, fans are the “power users” that make the store successful. They are kind of like a live testimonial in a way that get people hooked on the unique styles Tres Boutique supplies and create a demand to buy some of the items.


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