Social Media Posts that make the difference: Instagram!

I work with teaching social media to businesses and I can’t tell you how many times I have to explain the use of Instagram in an enticing way. While many businesses don’t have the budget to get professional advertising they rely a great deal on Social Media to act as an advertising agent. What they don’t understand about doing such a thing is that you have to be creative in the things you post and the photos of your products or services. Many people just take a picture of an item in their store setting on a crowded shelf and you look at it and ask yourself “what are they wanting me to see?” or “ what is that?” .You want your customer to think that you care about what you sell and want to show it in the best most creative way.

When reading the blog titled “Visual Content: How Starbucks Uses Instagram” ( on the Spin Sucks site it really gave me a different approach to trying to teach how to make good Instagram posts that will give good ROI with the “investment” being the time taken to be creative with what you are photographing. I love how the writer used specific post from Starbucks on Instagram to prove the points she was making. I always try to explain it to the people I teach in a way to think of their business social media pictures as personal pictures, you wouldn’t post a picture that makes you look bad so why would you post a picture that makes your products look bad. I have been looking for businesses that do this well for good examples and this blog post really does that with the use of amazing Starbucks and the author’s explanations on how any business can apply the same methods to their own business. This will not only help me with teaching businesses to make better posts but also will help me when have my own business.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Posts that make the difference: Instagram!

  1. I’ve never really thought of Instagram as a very important source of advertising but you’re right, showing pictures of a product (especially good ones) helps sell the product. I know I always like it in like cookbooks when they show me what I’m making, it never turns out like that, but I’m more likely to make it because it looks good and I think the same goes for pictures of products you’re selling, they’re more likely to be sold when there’s a picture of it and they can see it. When I browse Craigslist for items I’m not interested in the ones that tell me about the product, but I am interested in the ones that do a combination of telling me and showing me.

  2. Businesses that do not actively engross themself in social media or are too resistant to it really limit their reach. It’s great that you found a new way to educated businesses on how they can utilize social media. I bet they will “get the picture” now!

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