One confession I have to make is that I love to shop. I love buying to clothes and shoes and I love for them to be unique. Another confession I have to make is that I love buying things that help a charity (you probably already knew that). Well this week I am going to tell you of my favorite charity website and all the cool things they have to offer. The Company is called Sevenly and what they do every week is absolutely awesome. Each week on the Sevenly site they introduce a new cause or charity and for seven days you can purchase items that will have $7 donated to the cause of that week. Then on every Monday @10am an entirely new charity is presented and all new items and designs are for sale. I can’t say enough how much I love this site!

I bought my first Sevenly shirt last year to help get treatment for a girl that had been rescued from sex trafficking and still to this day can see how my donation is helping that charity and all they do through email notifications. It is SO heartwarming. The people at Sevenly really take the time to get you information about the charity of the week and make unique designs by arts at Sevenly that represent the cause.

Sevenly has expanded since I first started supporting them and visiting their site. They used to have one design for girls and one for boys and three options of shirts to place them on. Now they have grown and offer multiple designs for both girls and boys and multiple types of shirts to put them on. They have also recently added bracelets, earrings, purses, children’s (clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, toys), Backpacks, IPhone batteries, dog collars, and posters of the designs from every cause they have had throughout the years. With so much to choose from you are bound to find something you can’t live without, and if not then you can share the cause on your social media and help spread the word.

This week Sevenly is representing Girl Up which is a charity they helps educate girls and keep them away from sex trafficking, forced marriage and sexual abuse. Here is a video on this weeks cause and I encourage you to check out their site from time to time, you might find something you would like to buy!

Have a great week!



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