Tres Boutique!


I like to purchase all things local and by doing this I support local businesses and I have unique items that you can’t find at department stores. Tres Boutique is a store in Nob Hill that sells unique jewelry, shoes, purses, clothing and accessories. They are a very small store but they have a very strong social media presence. They are on Facebook and Instagram and are really starting to build their brand on social media. They are very active on the social media platforms that they run and always respond to questions and comments that their fans leave on their page. I was in the store this past weekend and they work really hard in store to promote their social media pages by announcing it to customers coming in and having signage at the register prompting you to follow their pages.

As of right now they have 1,094 followers on their Facebook page and 297 followers on Instagram. I think that this number could increase with the use of QR codes. It is good to voice that you are on social media to your customers, but many of them will probably forget by the time they leave the store. By having a QR code that you can attach to a receipt or post next to the register, it could act as a reminder and intrigue people to want to discover where the QR code leads them.

If I had the chance to work with them I would introduce them to QR codes and possibly help them to make a website for their business to link up with their social media. I always notice that people comment that they would like many of their items that they post, but they don’t live in town to go to the store and buy them. If they had a website they could sell things that they have in store online as well to increase their profit and reach more customers. I also think they could benefit from having a Pinterest if they added this aspect to their already amazing store. I really think that this company carries the same fun and flirty tone throughout their social media outlets and this really helps them to solidify their brand.

Good Work Tres Boutique!



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