Get a shot, give a shot!


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The leaves are starting to change; the brisk cold air is coming in. I just love this time of year, but what I don’t like is getting sick. Its that time of year to go get that pesky flu shot to prevent you from getting sick and not be able to enjoy the beautiful changing season. I usually go to my doctor to get the shot but this year I learned of something really cool that Walgreens is doing. Walgreens is doing a campaign for called get a shot give a shot. If you go in and get a flu shot at Walgreens by October 14th then they will provide a life-saving vaccine through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign to someone in need. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now I know you might be worried and have questions about how you can pay for these shots and if you need an appointment. Walgreens has 27,000 expertly trained healthcare professionals that can administer vaccinations any time the pharmacy or clinic is open.

Many children around the world and in the U.S can’t get the vaccines they need to survive. The United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign will hopefully supply 3 million vaccines to children that need them the most. According to the website 1 and 5 children lack access to life saving vaccines and suffer from measles and polio among many other diseases. Walgreens is not only giving flu vaccines but also vaccines that your children may need. Here is a link to some of the vaccines that you or your children may need –> Walgreens will provide a shot to someone in need in exchange for any vaccine that you receive from the list. If you are planning on participating in this great campaign for immunization you can fill out the form in this link –> . Filling this form out prior to your visit will speed up your time at Walgreens in getting your immunization.

Have a wonderful week!



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