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I am a very busy person with school and work but I still enjoy browsing through interesting things on the Internet. While I don’t have much time the stories that have the smallest amount of text are the ones that I go for the most. Like Amy said in the slide share this week I am a person that LOVEs lists. Even though they sometimes may have more words than I would normally read, when it is in a list format it doesn’t seem as much for some reason. I really like to go browse on Reddit, which is in a list format but I mostly only look at the posts that have pictures, videos, animated GIFFs, or info graphics. When I am on Pinterest I like to look at DIY projects. Sometimes when you click the picture to see how to do whatever the picture shows it takes you to a blog. I sometimes browse through the person’s blog posts but other than that I don’t really like reading blogs. I find that most blogs have too many words or content that isn’t consistent to their main topic. I find that I get the most information out of videos because of their storytelling techniques and how I can take the information in quickly. I think that Info graphics are amazing and they really tell a story with the data they represent better than a bar or pie chart. I would say that I don’t like blogs the most because of their inconsistency. I think that if people have a blog that they should have an overall topic and stick to it. Too many people have blogs that start out in a consistent manner and then drift away from it. If people were to make a different blog or alert the reader that the topics would be changing then I would be more interested in reading them.




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This week I want to tell you about my most favorite giving organization, TOMS! Most of you probably know about TOMS from their making the Buy One Give One marketing strategy so popular. TOMS sells the most comfy, lightweight shoes and in return another pair of shoes is given to a child that doesn’t have shoes. People don’t really think that having shoes is a necessity, but it most certainly is! By walking around without shoes you expose the skin on your feet to illness and disease that can enter the body with the smallest scratch. Blake Mycoskie started TOMS in 2006 after taking a trip to Argentina and seeing all the help that needed to be done. He realized that so many people were living without shoes and decided that he would take on the challenge to supply the world with shoes. I personally own about 10 pairs of TOMS shoes myself and I absolutely love them and the way they support other people.


TOMS has recently expanded to having sunglasses as part of their buy one give one market. If you purchase one of there many options of sunglasses they will give a person in need prescription glasses. I haven’t purchased the sunglasses yet but I plan on doing so next summer. I encourage you to check out their website → They have men, women, and children’s shoes with many styles and colors to choose from.


Give Light to Sub-Sahara Africa!

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What is your typical morning like? Do you get up turn on the light to your bathroom brush your teeth, then maybe step into your kitchen and open up your refrigerator pull out some eggs and cook them on your stove? Most of those things I described can only be completed with electricity. Now imagine that you wake up without these luxuries. It is hard to imagine isn’t it? Waking up without electricity is what 7 out of 10 people live with every day in Sub-Sahara Africa. Babies are born in dark hospitals without warm incubators. Children have to find a light on the street to finish their homework under. No one should have to live without the necessity of lighting and electricity and this is how you can help.

The non-profit organization is leading the way to supply 50 million people with access to electricity by having people sign this petition to send to congress. They are working to transform people’s lives and work to end extreme poverty by 2030. Here is the link to sign the petition and change people lives in Sub-Sahara Africa→

Right now they have reached 80% of their goal with 100,549 signatures, so help them reach their ultimate goal and be part of the movement to end extreme poverty!

Most of the time on my blog I talk about things you can purchase to make a difference but this week I am showing you how to use your voice to make that same difference. In the U.S we have the right to freedom of speech where in some countries people do not have that luxury, so lend your voice to those who don’t have that freedom and sign the petition. You can even go a step further and spread the word to have your friends sign it as well.

Have a great week!


My week through pictures!


 The Center of the Universe on my way to class!


Taking Mia for a walk by her favorite letter!


Found out that the Cheddar’s serves my favorite sandwich (Monte Cristo, YUMM!)!


Getting my homework done!


Getting ready for Halloween with the great pumpkin and little tomato! 


Social Media Management: Tres Boutique


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Monitoring what works for a business through social media is important to selecting which platforms you decide to engage your time with. While looking back to my post on the local business Tres Boutique I am going to look in to what social media they use and if it is beneficial for them. First I will look at the topics that are important for the business. Since they are clothing and accessories business topics such as current trends in fashion, local events surrounding their store, and item promotion are of the top topics that should be expressed through their social media.

As of now they are on using Instagram and Facebook. While looking at their Facebook they have over 1,000 likes so the option to look at their insights is available. This is a very useful tool for businesses, once they acquire 30 likes they are able to track what age range is interested in their store and or products/offers. This tool also provides information about when your Facebook is most active among your users and other useful data information as well. Through their insights I found out that the mean age range of people that associate with their page is 25-35 years old. According an article in Business insider, Facebook has active users that are of the younger group of under age 45. It also talks about how Instagram is being used predominately by women. Since Tres boutique fits both these parameters I think that they are using the social media outlets that would benefit them most for the age group they are trying to target.
For Tres Boutique I think the “power users” that benefit the company most are the fans of the store. While they aren’t as powerful as say Gary Vaynerchuck who we talked about earlier in the semester, they do have a following enough to make a difference for the small local business. With posts on their social media of items they purchased in the store to blog post of were to buy the hottest trending clothes locally, fans are the “power users” that make the store successful. They are kind of like a live testimonial in a way that get people hooked on the unique styles Tres Boutique supplies and create a demand to buy some of the items.

Its Dashing cats and … well actually just DOGs!

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Every year more and more animals are homeless without food, water or a loving owner to rub there tummy. Our friends at Animal Human do their best to take in these animals and care for them until they find a caring home. While they do a wonderful job of this, it is expensive taking care of animals and they need our animal loving help. The annual Doggy Dash and Dawdle is going to be held on November 2nd at Balloon Fiesta Park. You and your furry friend can go out and support these poor helpless dogs by taking a little stroll around Balloon Fiesta Park for a great cause, and giving your dog some social time. All donations raised will help to give shelter, food and water for over 5,000 animals. You can still register for this great event online until November 1st for $35 per person for your choice of a 2mile or 5k run or walk. Every participant receives a race packet that includes a race bib, an event t-shirt and a doggie surprise! If you want to participate and don’t have a pup, no problem! You can “rent a dog” for the day and give them the love and care they need for the day while supporting them as well. Who knows you might just fall in love with them and want to adopt them after your fun filled day together.

The event is all day with Doggie Carnival (with lots of fun games like bobbing for hot dogs and much more), a Barket Place (With over 70 vendors!), entertainment by local bands and performers, and food truck vendors that have the tastiest food to munch on. If you are looking for an event to help fill that warm fuzzy spot in your heart for animals then this event is for you. Sometimes we forget that we are not the only ones that need help, sometimes you have to help the helpless.

Me and Mia will be there, will you?


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Have a splendid week!


Social Media Posts that make the difference: Instagram!

I work with teaching social media to businesses and I can’t tell you how many times I have to explain the use of Instagram in an enticing way. While many businesses don’t have the budget to get professional advertising they rely a great deal on Social Media to act as an advertising agent. What they don’t understand about doing such a thing is that you have to be creative in the things you post and the photos of your products or services. Many people just take a picture of an item in their store setting on a crowded shelf and you look at it and ask yourself “what are they wanting me to see?” or “ what is that?” .You want your customer to think that you care about what you sell and want to show it in the best most creative way.

When reading the blog titled “Visual Content: How Starbucks Uses Instagram” ( on the Spin Sucks site it really gave me a different approach to trying to teach how to make good Instagram posts that will give good ROI with the “investment” being the time taken to be creative with what you are photographing. I love how the writer used specific post from Starbucks on Instagram to prove the points she was making. I always try to explain it to the people I teach in a way to think of their business social media pictures as personal pictures, you wouldn’t post a picture that makes you look bad so why would you post a picture that makes your products look bad. I have been looking for businesses that do this well for good examples and this blog post really does that with the use of amazing Starbucks and the author’s explanations on how any business can apply the same methods to their own business. This will not only help me with teaching businesses to make better posts but also will help me when have my own business.




One confession I have to make is that I love to shop. I love buying to clothes and shoes and I love for them to be unique. Another confession I have to make is that I love buying things that help a charity (you probably already knew that). Well this week I am going to tell you of my favorite charity website and all the cool things they have to offer. The Company is called Sevenly and what they do every week is absolutely awesome. Each week on the Sevenly site they introduce a new cause or charity and for seven days you can purchase items that will have $7 donated to the cause of that week. Then on every Monday @10am an entirely new charity is presented and all new items and designs are for sale. I can’t say enough how much I love this site!

I bought my first Sevenly shirt last year to help get treatment for a girl that had been rescued from sex trafficking and still to this day can see how my donation is helping that charity and all they do through email notifications. It is SO heartwarming. The people at Sevenly really take the time to get you information about the charity of the week and make unique designs by arts at Sevenly that represent the cause.

Sevenly has expanded since I first started supporting them and visiting their site. They used to have one design for girls and one for boys and three options of shirts to place them on. Now they have grown and offer multiple designs for both girls and boys and multiple types of shirts to put them on. They have also recently added bracelets, earrings, purses, children’s (clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, toys), Backpacks, IPhone batteries, dog collars, and posters of the designs from every cause they have had throughout the years. With so much to choose from you are bound to find something you can’t live without, and if not then you can share the cause on your social media and help spread the word.

This week Sevenly is representing Girl Up which is a charity they helps educate girls and keep them away from sex trafficking, forced marriage and sexual abuse. Here is a video on this weeks cause and I encourage you to check out their site from time to time, you might find something you would like to buy!

Have a great week!


Tres Boutique!


I like to purchase all things local and by doing this I support local businesses and I have unique items that you can’t find at department stores. Tres Boutique is a store in Nob Hill that sells unique jewelry, shoes, purses, clothing and accessories. They are a very small store but they have a very strong social media presence. They are on Facebook and Instagram and are really starting to build their brand on social media. They are very active on the social media platforms that they run and always respond to questions and comments that their fans leave on their page. I was in the store this past weekend and they work really hard in store to promote their social media pages by announcing it to customers coming in and having signage at the register prompting you to follow their pages.

As of right now they have 1,094 followers on their Facebook page and 297 followers on Instagram. I think that this number could increase with the use of QR codes. It is good to voice that you are on social media to your customers, but many of them will probably forget by the time they leave the store. By having a QR code that you can attach to a receipt or post next to the register, it could act as a reminder and intrigue people to want to discover where the QR code leads them.

If I had the chance to work with them I would introduce them to QR codes and possibly help them to make a website for their business to link up with their social media. I always notice that people comment that they would like many of their items that they post, but they don’t live in town to go to the store and buy them. If they had a website they could sell things that they have in store online as well to increase their profit and reach more customers. I also think they could benefit from having a Pinterest if they added this aspect to their already amazing store. I really think that this company carries the same fun and flirty tone throughout their social media outlets and this really helps them to solidify their brand.

Good Work Tres Boutique!


Get a shot, give a shot!


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The leaves are starting to change; the brisk cold air is coming in. I just love this time of year, but what I don’t like is getting sick. Its that time of year to go get that pesky flu shot to prevent you from getting sick and not be able to enjoy the beautiful changing season. I usually go to my doctor to get the shot but this year I learned of something really cool that Walgreens is doing. Walgreens is doing a campaign for called get a shot give a shot. If you go in and get a flu shot at Walgreens by October 14th then they will provide a life-saving vaccine through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign to someone in need. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now I know you might be worried and have questions about how you can pay for these shots and if you need an appointment. Walgreens has 27,000 expertly trained healthcare professionals that can administer vaccinations any time the pharmacy or clinic is open.

Many children around the world and in the U.S can’t get the vaccines they need to survive. The United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign will hopefully supply 3 million vaccines to children that need them the most. According to the website 1 and 5 children lack access to life saving vaccines and suffer from measles and polio among many other diseases. Walgreens is not only giving flu vaccines but also vaccines that your children may need. Here is a link to some of the vaccines that you or your children may need –> Walgreens will provide a shot to someone in need in exchange for any vaccine that you receive from the list. If you are planning on participating in this great campaign for immunization you can fill out the form in this link –> . Filling this form out prior to your visit will speed up your time at Walgreens in getting your immunization.

Have a wonderful week!