Twitter is a kind of new avenue of social media for me. I opened my twitter account earlier this year and am still learning the ropes of how to use it. I mostly just follow my friends, my favorite celebrities, businesses and of course TV shows. I think some my followers have good information to share, but I think twitter is just a short, cut to the chase version of Facebook. I feel like twitter isn’t used in the way that it was intended and this is because twitter users were most likely Facebook users first.

For some of my friends I follow on Twitter I also follow on Facebook and Instagram. What seems to be happening is that they post the same information in exactly the same way on all three social media platforms. This is kind of irritating to me because I don’t want to hear that they broke there toe in a tweet and see a picture of it on Instagram and then hear and see it on Facebook. It seems to be an “abuse” of the use of social media.

I think that twitter would be better used as a news-broadcasting source because it is a quick way to receive information and people will look at it because they already do to look at their friend’s tweets. I would like twitter more if there were more meaningful tweets on it rather that Miley Cyrus’s latest half naked selfie. Most people think that twitter will last a lifetime like David Carr explains in his New York Times article “Why Twitter Will Endure”. I don’t really agree with David Carr’s idea of thinking that twitter is going to outlast other social media because it is the inner workings of the Internet. Twitter, just like MySpace, is just a fad and soon another social media will make its début and Twitter will be another part of social media history.


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