Businesses and Facebook: The happy medium that will keep your fans at like!


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Businesses on Facebook are great, they allow you to get new information from your favorite brands and maybe enter some contests and win some free stuff. The question is, what happens when they start filling up your wall with content? You go and hit that very like button that you hit when they first made their page and bam, now they have lost your interest. It seems that there needs to be a happy medium between loading down your follower’s page and posting once a year. Personally I think that the Facebook audience is catching on to these businesses schemes and aren’t even pressing like. They either had a brand take over their page before and think “I don’t want to do that again” or they see Facebook as a way of relaxing, not a place to be advertised at. If businesses want to keep the interest of their follower they need to change it up and keep it interesting.

I personally have “liked” many companies on my Facebook and what I can say is a big no, no is constantly having contest. If you have a contest going on your page every week then people are going to get disinterested in purchasing your product and get the mentality that they will just enter every week and are bound to win. If you are giving away your products too frequently then people start to think it’s not worth buying.

Businesses think that Facebook another advertising tool to flood the mind of the consumer, but the difference is that the consumer has the option to turn it off. What I think businesses should do with their Facebook is use it to interact with their customers. The great thing about Facebook is that is gives a “human” aspect to your company in which you can directly communicate with people that buy your products. If companies posted questions about what the consumer thought about there products/services or what they could do to better them then the consumer might think that the company actually cares about their opinion and like them more. Keeping your customers interested with interesting post is the key to having a successful Business Facebook page.



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