Fun, color, and exercise, all for a good cause!

Runs have always been a good way that charities have raised money. In the past few years they have become seemingly popular and a lot of fun. Now days it’s not just about getting a team making some t-shirts and running around a course for a good cause. Now it is all about the tutus, fanny packs, bandanas, and of course the color. That’s right I said color. I did my first color run in April called Color Me Rad and I had so much fun. Now let me explain it to you. When you get to the run in a perfect white t-shirt and colorful tutu (of course) you do some light stretching and then you’re off past the starting line. Music in the background, everything seems like a normal run and then you get to a color station and volunteers toss colors all over you. By the time your finished you are all covered in multiple colors and now have a cool color splattered t-shirt to keep as a memento.. I just love the idea of it; fun with your friends and money towards a great cause.

I did my second 5K-color run called the Black Light Run August 31st. This run benefited the UNM Children’s Hospital “Children’s Miracle Network”. This great charity uses money for research, training, purchasing equipment and to help pay uncompensated care for children in need. What a great charity to support. On top of helping children the black light run was such a blast. The run started at 8pm at the Balloon Fiesta Park and had back light zones with neon color powder to make you glow bright at the finish line. Once you finished the run the fun wasn’t over, you went to pick up some color packets and join the dance party. Local DJ’s got the party started with some great music to dance to and everyone threw the color in the air and let it fall down all around. All in all it was a great time, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are some pictures:



I don’t want to tell you about these fun runs and not tell you about how you can do them yourself. In three weekends September 28th there is a Mud’n Color 5k in Moriarty, NM. You can still sign up and participate with this link –>  . The wonderful charity that this run benefits is ACCH (Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home)! This charity does great things for the local community, they help neglected, abused and abandoned children find a new caring family and home. This run seems really exciting with an obstacle courses and even prizes at the finish. I encourage you to sign up if not for the run this Run for one in the future. If I see some scheduled I will post a link.

Have a wonderful week!



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