Social Media Experts, are they worth it?

socialmedia(Photo from

The position of Social Media professionals have become more abundant over the past couple of years, but some companies are opting out on having one on their team. Why you ask? I think this is due to the fact that companies don’t understand what they do with Social Media. Social Media professionals aren’t just punkie kids that have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and  a Reddit account and use text speech to chat with their friends. A social Media professional is someone who has there fingers in all aspect of the web and have created such a strong following that they are a trusted source to the public on whatever they say. Most of these professionals have degree in marketing and know how to mold a company into being diverse enough to have a presence on social media and gain more attention from the people that access that media.

Social Media is so huge right now any company that isn’t on social media is really seen as outdated. Places like Facebook and Twitter have so many people on them daily, companies are missing out on that already captured audience. Now I am not just saying that companies should go out and make a Facebook and then do nothing about it. They have to be active and constant on social media. A Facebook is gong to do nothing itself but if you post new products and contests on them then your captured audience is going to interact with you and know who you are. This is not an easy task. Running a business is hard enough; this is where a social media professional comes in handy. While you are busy keeping books and taking care of customers, a social media professional can take the time to make sure you stand out and have a strong social media presence.

Times have changed and it isn’t just about answering the phone anymore to give customer service. Its about being on avenues people know and love and being there for them 24/7.


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